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Chocolate tart in the manner of the ‘Ritz’


You need:

- 1 sweet gough (pure butter)

- 1 chocolate tablespoon

- 25 cl of low fat single cream

- 40g of butter

1. Preheat your oven at 180°C

2. Line a greased tart with pastry and blind bake for 15 minutes

3. For a clean edge, trim rim after 5 minutes

4. Mixe the chocolate

5. Gently bring cream to the boil in a pan

6. Remove from the heat, add chocolate and butter while strirring constantly until conbined

7. Shed the mixing into the dough

8. Reserve at refrugerator 2 hours

Estelle D.B

Financiers with orange flower


During a dual with ‘les mini bûches choco-coco’, the financier have win with 60% of your votes.

I have test for you this recipe of ‘les petites financiers à la fleur d’oranger’. I’ve been inspired by an article of the french Cosmopolitan.

To realise this recipe (for 9 units), you need:

- 2 eggs white

- 60g of butter

- 60g of sugar

-30g of flour

-30g of almond powder

- 1 tablespoon of orange flower

Make heat up your oven  at 180°c. Into a big bowl, mixe sugar, flour and almond powder.

Add the eggs white, butter (melt) and water of orange flower.

Pour out the mix into a cake tin.

The cooking time in 25 minutes. When the financiers are gilt, they are cooked. Let’s them to cool.

They’re delicious……….

And you? What do you think about?

Estelle D.B


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